04 nov 2015

Yoga to strengthen muscles

This rather lengthy post provides an overview

The muscles of the back (like any other part of the body) need to be engaged in them. In order for the back to be smooth and beautiful, its muscles need to be strengthened. Yoga classes will help solve this problem.

So, let's get started.

Leaning forward

It is from this position that you need to start getting acquainted with asanas to strengthen the muscles of the back. In a relaxed state, we stand straight. When inhaling, we raise our hands above our head, and when exhaling, we lower them and bend forward, touching the floor with our hands. In this state, you need to linger. Next, we inhale and lift ourselves up; at the same time, the back should straighten, bending slightly.

Yoga for strengthening the muscles of the back suggests performing the following pose, which is called the "triangle pose"

In the standing position, we place our legs about 90 centimeters apart. The arms are stretched out to the sides at shoulder level. Exhale and bend to the right side, while you will need to put your right hand on the foot of your right foot. After tilting, in this position, you need to look away at the left hand, which is directed towards the ceiling. Breathing during this pose should be deep. We return to the original position and repeat everything, but only in the other direction.

Yoga for the back muscles involves performing another interesting pose called "half-turtle".

We take a lying position on our stomach. From this state, you need to get up, bending your legs. Getting up, you need to sit on the floor - while the arms are stretched forward. We try to put our head on the floor. We relax and stay in this position for a while.

Boat pose

With our legs straight forward, we sit on the mat or just on the floor. Leaning back a little, we lift straight legs forward. The arms are stretched forward so that they look parallel to the floor. We hold exactly all parts of the body. We linger for a while in this position

This pose allows you to strengthen not only the spinal muscles, but also the abs; it also improves the functioning of organs such as the kidneys and liver.

Corpse pose

In a relaxed state, we take a lying position on our back. Breathing should be easy and free, and concentration in this position goes precisely to breathing. Lie in this state for a few minutes. Try not to think about anything.

By performing the above asanas, you will be able to make your back strong, and your body hardy and beautiful. It is thanks to this preparation that the back will become flexible, and the problems that you had with it will go away. lotto247

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