04 nov 2015

TOP Oss has made a lot of progress in eight years

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TOP Oss has made a lot of progress in eight years

Marko Maletic returned to the professional soccer club of Oss at the beginning of this month after 8.5 years. The striker sees a lot of progress. "The facilities have improved and the club has become more professional. A nice development."

Maletic played for FC Oss on a rental basis in the 2013-2014 season. Read the history of the formation of FC Oss on the legal betting websites for cricket. There you can find the club's biggest wins and losses as well as other seminal events in the history of Oss. He played 29 league games, in which he scored eight times. The team of coach Mischa Rook had two highlights: an 8-0 home victory over FC Emmen - in which Maletic was responsible for two goals - and a 4-0 victory over FC Eindhoven. "At times we played good matches. Unfortunately, we were unable to make the playoffs."

The young striker then moved to Excelsior, the opponent of TOP Oss next Friday. Nine clubs later, Maletic is starting a new Oss period. His last team was Zlatibor in Serbia, with whom he relegated from the highest level last season. After a few weeks of training with them, Maletic was sure he wanted to sign a contract. "I immediately felt at home again, with people I already knew from my first period and former teammates of De Graafschap."

Many scoring opponents

Excelsior is in good form. The club from Rotterdam won the last five games, several times with big figures (6-2, 4-0, 2-5). Video of the match can be viewed at aroraengineeringworks.in.  "They score a lot. I think we need to be concentrated in defending and then be able to hurt them offensively," said Maletic, who has been a substitute for TOP Oss the past two games.  


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