04 nov 2015

Construction of cottages on nanotechnology

This rather lengthy post provides an overview

Modern house construction is based on the economical use of construction resources.The construction of houses from thermal blocks allows you to significantly save energy resources, with the help of this system it becomes possible to minimize energy costs for heating. The construction of thermal blocks allows you to quickly assemble a house and provide it with thermal insulation and noise insulation from external sounds.Having expanded polystyrene in its composition, which is an energy-saving resource and if it is part of the thermal blocks, then construction can be carried out even at sub-zero temperatures. The last row of thermal blocks is filled with concrete and covered with mineral wool on top. The cost of construction of thermal blocks is much less than that of bricks. Also, load-bearing structures can be used inside the building.An innovative method of construction is also a building with non-removable formwork, which is a derivative of monolithic construction. The walls of the houses are assembled from hollow blocks, which are connected to each other with the help of lock clutches. The blocks are already installed on a ready-made foundation and fixed with reinforcement and concrete, i.e., in essence, a monolithic wall is formed and at the same time the walls do not need additional insulation. For non-removable formwork, the construction material polystyrene foam is also used, which is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving resource during construction.Frame technologies are also widely used in construction, with the coating of new insulating materials, which significantly reduce the time for construction. The most common element of frame construction is glued timber, which does not require large costs and is used without heavy machinery.Most builders use another of the innovations in construction - a system of insulating window valves, with which consumers will be able to independently adjust the illumination of the room and save heat. Nanotechnology in construction is successfully used not only in individual buildings, but also in the construction of office buildings.The advantages of using nanotechnology in construction are:- high heat and waterproofing;- ease of assembly of the structure;- significant reduction in construction costs;- fire safety of materials;- construction of construction in a short time. There are many sites on the Internet, but https://casinoreg.net provides inexperienced players with the most detailed casino FAQ

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