04 nov 2015

Premier League record, almost 2 billion invested in the market

This rather lengthy post provides an overview

The English league is the most beautiful, the richest, the most intense, the most physical, the most aggressive in Europe (and if I forgot any adjectives, I'm waiting for suggestions). This is no longer surprising, the gap from other championships is increasing from season to season, and perhaps the only way to reduce it is really the Super League. However, putting aside speeches that distort the essence of national competitions, let's find out how the Premier League managed to break its investment record in this session of the transfer market.

For the 30th anniversary of the Premier League, teams participating in the 2022-2023 draw reached a historic figure of around $1 billion 720 million invested in 107 players, surpassing the 2017 session when clubs participating in this championship spent $1 billion 610 . million for 140 players. Find out how gambling has affected the career of England's best players on this site.

How much money is spent on average

An average of 17 million per player in the transfer market, which is showing growth again, at least across the English Channel. Chelsea dominate with an investment of around 200m, but 8 other teams have managed to reach 9 figures by breaking the 100m ceiling and other clubs could join them before the transfer market closes.

The record was set about ten days after the final whistle of the operation. With Leicester dormant (the only Premier League not to invest in the market) and Everton, Nottingham Forest (behind only Chelsea in money spent), West Ham, Wolverhampton and Leeds lifted bar, exceeding 500 million investment (in 4).

Closing the gap will not be the other big names in the European leagues, but the newly promoted and middle teams in the Premier League itself, at least on an economic level. The difference in investments is more than a billion with the major leagues in Europe. Serie A clubs have spent around $680 million to date, including those in the 474 Bundesliga, 432 League and 1420 League.

The situation is not new

For at least a decade, this difference was clear and destined to increase. But now the eyes remain on the Premiere. There are many rumors, and an internal transfer could spark another one, bringing the investment closer to $2 billion.

Is the market for new Newcastle owners 'already' over? Will Chelsea pay Everton over £70m for starlet Anthony Gordon? How will the English striker end up being replaced by the Toffees? Will Manchester United buy again after Casemiro? Will Arsenal try to close another shot after a three-match Premier League winning streak?

By 17 July, England's top division clubs had already passed the one billion mark in spending. To think that in a month and a half they will spend another one is no longer a utopia, but the reality of today's transfer market.
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