04 nov 2015

Why should I choose ball exercises for weight loss?

This rather lengthy post provides an overview

Any beauty dreams of a flat tummy and a wasp waist, but not everyone has the patience to force their body with diets. To do this, in the modern world, a super ball for weight loss has been invented - a fitball. This is a Swiss invention that helps women adjust their figure and become attractive.

Fitball is an excellent simulator that allows girls to use 2 times more muscle groups during training than with normal physical exercises. And this effect is created due to the fact that classes on the weight loss ball force the girl to keep her balance, which is why more calories are burned. This famous projectile was invented back in the 50s of the 20th century. Its creator is the Swiss physiotherapist Susan Kleinfogelbach.

In general, this projectile was created by a doctor to treat people who had problems with the spine and central nervous system. But later it was noticed that such exercises have a positive effect on the development of the muscles of the whole body, improving metabolism and blood flow. In addition to all this, fitness on a weight loss ball also develops motor skills, coordination and improves the work of the vestibular apparatus. That is why now many girls choose this way of losing weight. After all, he improves the whole state of the body as a whole, the posture is straightened, the figure acquires an alluring outline.

But not any ball will suit anyone who wants to start practicing fitball. Each girl has her own simulator, depending on her height and weight. It is also impossible to leave aside the material of the ball itself. It should be elastic, dense, odorless and withstand at least 150 kilograms. Often in stores they allow you to "try on" a fitball to understand what size suits a girl. Ideally, a girl sitting on a sword should be in a straight position, that is, the angle of the back and hips on the ball should be 90 degrees, and the angle of the knee joints and the floor should also be 90 degrees. Simply put, the girl should sit at a right angle, also bending her knees. Then nothing will interfere with training.

But it also happens that stores do not allow you to choose the ball correctly, then you should focus on the established figures: if the height is below 152, then the ball will fit with a diameter of 45 cm, height 153 to 165 - a ball 55 cm in diameter, height 165 -180 - a ball 65 cm, height 180-200 - a ball 75 cm in diameter. Well, if the height is above 200 cm, you should choose the largest simulator - 85 cm in diameter.

You can talk about the advantages of a fitball for a very long time, but it will become clear best of all when you start doing exercises on a weight loss ball. Then everything will be seen with your own eyes. It's not for nothing that since 2008 this simulator is becoming more and more popular among slimming beauties.

Below will be presented one of the most popular sets of exercises on fitball. They are engaged in almost all girls who are fond of this way of losing weight. This set consists only of effective exercises, although fitball has no others. But it is necessary to remember that before each workout it is necessary to warm up, warm up the muscles. You can do this with completely ordinary activities: jumping rope, dancing to your favorite music, or making circular movements with your body several times. The main thing is that the muscles would be warmed up and not overburdened with loads.

The first exercise on the list will be "lifting the pelvis". The exercise seems easy at first glance, but this is only at the beginning. But it develops the pelvic joints very well and strengthens the abdominal muscles. And in addition, it captures the muscles of the buttocks and calves of the legs. To do it, you need to lie on your back and put your feet on the ball. And at the expense of "three" start performing pelvic lifts "up and down ", and so 10 times. Jerks should not be sharp, everything should be done calmly.

The second exercise is called "Leaning to the side". Still in the same position on the back, the ball is captured between the legs at the feet, and by turning the pelvis "left-right" straight legs with the ball turn in the same way. And so it should be repeated 12 times.

The next exercise, the third, is called "Twist". The man is still lying on his back, the ball between his legs, but already at the level of the calves, hands behind his head. Start pulling up the knees to the chest. Perform 12 repetitions. This exercise perfectly strengthens the abdominal press.

The fourth exercise is a back push-up". The girl squats in front of the ball, leaving it behind. He leans on it with his hands and starts doing push-ups, only on the contrary with his back to the ball. It is worth repeating the same 12 times. This will strengthen the muscles of the arms and back well.

On the weight loss ball, you can also do regular push-ups. To do this, you need to put both straight legs on the ball, and lean on the floor with your hands. And, doing push-ups, try to keep the ball in place. If you perform such exercises, then excellent buttocks are provided.

The most popular exercises on the ball for weight loss were described above. They will help anyone who wants to strengthen their health, tighten their physical shape and calm their nerves. Of course, fitball is a good tool for training both at home and in the gym.

You just need to remember that you should pick up the ball only for your body. And an individual approach is required to the choice of this simulator. And only then will the training bring a sense of satisfaction and harmony. The body should be beautiful, so that they don't talk there. questions like what cheat system does fortnite use are constantly arising

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