04 nov 2015

Operation "Dead Snow" 2 (2014). Review

This rather lengthy post provides an overview

The second part of the trash horror movie about zombies has become a worthy continuation of "Operation Dead Snow". I would like to note right away that the special effects have improved, now everything seems much more real. The plot has not changed much, all the same faces, and the mad Duke, who is still striving to fulfill the Fuhrer's will. After watching the "Operation Dead Snow 2" trailer, you realize that this is another crazy fun with huge pools of blood, piles of guts and vomit, designed exclusively for a narrow circle of fans. <br />
<br />
Tomi Virkol went the right way — realizing that he is unlikely to be surprised by the originality of the plot for the second time, the screenwriter is going to increase the scale, there are much more dead people in this part than in the previous one. Perhaps critics will not appreciate this step, they will call it simple or even primitive, but does the number of corpses turned inside out and bloodthirsty zombies play any role? It's trash, comedy, a parody of numerous zombie movies, nothing more. It is not necessary to treat the film as a blockbuster, evaluate the acting, the presentation of the material. Believe me, this is a pointless activity - this movie is just an excuse to get together with friends, get a beer and laugh heartily. "Operation Dead Snow 2" collected very diverse reviews, but again, depending on how to treat this work. <br />
<br />
The climax of the film is hilarious — the last 40 minutes are full of action, fights, a gushing fountain of blood. There's a brave Russian army fighting to a gorgeous soundtrack, and a very nasty ending. You should not watch the movie "Operation Dead Snow 2" for too impressionable people, gentle girls and those who have recently eaten. And in general — a cool parody horror movie with a freaky idea and large-scale scenes.<br />

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