04 nov 2015

6 online dating red flags not to be ignored

This rather lengthy post provides an overview

Dating apps have opened up a whole new world of potential partners, but sometimes you need to do a lot of networking to find the perfect partner. This is why it is so important to pay attention to red flags when meeting online. It will save you time and help you find love faster. Does someone just want sex? Chances are, you are dealing with someone who just wants to get laid for free.

71% of US online users believe that lies are common on dating apps. But if lies are as common as some believe, we can all agree that there are definitely some users who embellish. Read our top six online dating red flags to avoid anything that isn't real.

Watch out for these red flags when online dating.

1. They have a lot of "don't" but not a lot of positives in their profiles

Are you scrolling through potential partners and come across a profile full of strict rules telling them what their partners cannot do? Maybe you should just accept them.

Of course, it is OK to show your limits, but there is a big difference between rules and control. You have just established a bond with this person, your conversation should be easy and natural.

If someone starts a relationship with a checklist, it is a red flag for those who have a negative view of online dating. They may be more interested in dating apps, but that does not mean that they can then try to control you or other dates.

2. They have nothing in their profile

While you don't want someone who is completely negative in their profile, you also don't want them to match with someone who has nothing in their profile. In your profile, you show your best side.

This is where people should take note of you. Think about a business meeting: if a colleague did not make an effort to sell his idea, would he be successful? The answer is no.

People who do not write anything in their profile demonstrate a low profile attitude. We are not saying that their profile has to be perfect, but you should find it interesting. Here are some tips on how to create a successful profile.

3. pet names appear in the first messages

If you have just met someone on a dating app, and they call you 'baby' only two messages after meeting you, you will immediately see a red flag in online dating.

While some people like cute nicknames, others find them condescending. These terms are best used when the couple gets to know each other better and the person using the nickname is sure that the partner likes to hear it.

But at such an early stage in a relationship, the person using the name does not know whether the other person likes it - and does not care. In this case, it is a word of convenience. They can use it for all their matches. You have to concentrate on the connections that are interested in you.

4. They don't smile in their photos

One of the main goals of dating app profiles is to make themselves approachable. You want a description that is enticing and opens the door to conversations and connections about common desires and interests.

You should also include photos that inspire conversation. Those that make the viewer feel able to talk to you.

Studies show that a smile increases a person's attractiveness. If you do not feel comfortable with the profile you are looking at, you should point this out.

5. your photos and messages are excessively sexual

There is no shame in sexting, but it should only happen when you and your partner have a certain bond. Ideally, even after you have had one or two real dates. If you meet someone and their first reaction is to send you explicit pictures and messages, this is a serious warning sign for online dating.

If you are looking for a quick connection, this might be fine. However, if you are looking for something serious and long-term, you should consider another meeting.

The bottom line is that you should always be satisfied with the content you receive. Remember that this presentation, although made online, still says a lot about their character. If someone sends you something that you feel is inappropriate, it is likely that they are not 'the one'.

6. they do not want to meet in person and find a reason not to every time you ask them to.

The purpose of online dating is to turn the online connection into a real connection, right? Well, not always. Unfortunately, there are people who use dating apps just for fun, collecting encounters without ever wanting to bring them into the real world.

If you've been talking to a person for a while and they make an excuse every time you want to meet them, it's best to give up. Chances are, they will not find a long-term partner if they are not willing to commit to a real date.

Online dating should not be a minefield. Sure, there are bad matches, but that is the reality. Bad dates happen in real life too. But the truth is that most people join online dating not to play games, but because they are looking for love. So watch out for those red flags in online dating and make the search for your better half a little easier.


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