Where to Live as a Student: Dormitory, Hostel or Apartment

Going to college or university in another city is an exciting but troublesome event. The student and his parents will have to decide about housing. What to choose: home vs dorm or a hostel? We studied each type of housing and found out what pros and cons they have. The choice is yours.


"Whoever hasn't lived in a dorm hasn't been a student" is true. Nothing can replace the romance: the student hangouts, the bickering with the janitor, the friendly atmosphere in the room, the dumplings cooked on the stove, and the joint preparation for the session.

Pluses of life in the dormitory:

  • Budget-friendly - room fees are usually symbolic, with the amount only going up during the heating season. Some students with privileges can live in the dormitory
  • Free;
  • Close to the educational institution - as a rule, dormitories are located on the territory of universities and colleges;
  • Friends are always around - they can help you prepare for exams, share notes, advise you how to find an approach to a particular instructor;
  • Fun - there is always someone to spend time with.

The dorm becomes a real school of life, but there are reasons why many of its residents would prefer to forget this period.

Cons of Dorm Life:

  • Restrictions - you can't bring guests or come in after 10 p.m;
  • Difficulties with neighbors - it's good if you are lucky with people, but you often come across noisy, uncultured or unkempt neighbors;
  • Petty thefts - food goes missing from the fridge, clothes, headphones, jewelry, cosmetics;
  • Lack of repair, cold, disorder - rarely in hostels are there new repairs, modern furniture and clean showers/toilets.


This is an option that combines the features of the hostel and apartment. It has many pros and almost no cons.


  • Comfort - always fresh repairs, modern furniture, there are all the necessary appliances, clean and quality plumbing;
  • Inexpensive - students can rent a hostel for half the price of renting an apartment.
  • Place for the long term;
  • No need to perform cleaning - the schedule is engaged in the staff of the hostel;
  • Safety of personal belongings - each resident has an individual locker, which is closed with a key;
  • You can bring guests and come back at any convenient time;
  • Water, electricity, gas, and Wi-Fi are included around the clock;
  • There are additional amenities like air conditioning, microwave, electric kettle, TV, washing machine and others;
  • Convenient location - close to public transport and supermarkets.

Of the minuses, we can highlight only that in the hostel student still have to share a room with 2-3 other people. But given that most of them work or just relax at the sea, rooms are empty during the day. If you stay in a hostel for a long time, you can rent a room for 2 people or choose a version with its own bathroom and kitchenette.


This option gives the student a lot of advantages. The pros of living in an apartment:

  • Comfort of living - there is its own bathroom, toilet, kitchen, you can create your own atmosphere and comfort;
  • You can choose the area - no need to settle near the dormitory, when you can rent an apartment in the city center;
  • Freedom of action - you can go to bed whenever you want, have a noisy party, come back at any time of the day or night;
  • No need to move out for the summer - you usually have to move out of the dorm;
  • No one interferes with getting ready for a session - no music, no talking, no noise;
  • Safety of personal belongings, equipment and cooked food.

But there is one big minus - the high price tag. Not every student and his parents can afford such an amount. However, you can find a companion for joint rent.

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