Batman Tips: Arkham Origins - Main Missions # 093

Tower in Amusement Mile

The tower is erected on a small island next to the entertainment mile. Nevertheless, you can achieve this area without problems. Explore the lower part of the island to find Tunnel,. Use the glue grenade here to create a floating platform. Jump up on it and start moving using the claw on interactive reference points.

Stop the leakage of the para

Jump up to get to a small ledge, turn right, open the door and hook behind the protrusion at the top using the hook. Again, here you need to use glue grenades, this tie to seal two pipes and prevent hot steam leakage.

Enter the room with a small group of gangsters, start fighting and try to prevent your enemies to use weapons and knives as far as possible. After the contractions, explore the ceiling using claw on an interactive point of binding.

Pull the rope and pull it up using a hook.

Please note that you have unlocked access to the vertical shaft. Choose a graon from inventory and pull the rope. After that, use the hook to get the rope. Go ahead and be careful in the corridor with another group of criminals, because one of them carries a pistol. Also avoid contact with discharges, although you can push enemies into them to apply them extra damage.

Tower in the Industrial Area

First relay station

After you get to the Tower area in an industrial area, start with the fight against enemies on the balcony above. Since one of them is equipped with a pistol, it is recommended to use a disintegrator, a glue grenade or a shock detonator. After you finish with them, destroy the first relay station. This is the manifestation of one of the small glitches in the game. If this happened, you can still withdraw the relay. You will have problems only with them as a point of destination on the world map.

Second relay station

Jump in the bottom and start to fight the second group of bandits, following the actions of those who have a weapon. As before, you need to destroy the relay station after you finish.

Return to the platform where you first fought, and note that there are no more discharges, thanks to which you can get to the enhanced door. Open the door and crack the control panel using the cryptographic sequencer, and determine the correct password.
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